How to Become Rich: 11 Great and Proven Ways

How To Become Rich in India? Very Easy, Plant cash Tree and become Rich 🙂

how to become rich

Before I start to pen down anything, let me ask you first, How to become Rich in India or how to become rich in India fast? We all know getting rich is an amazing feeling, so tell me fast. Think about one more time,how to become millionaire in India?

Seems to be a complicated question or may be a simple equation, right? Have you ever asked yourself, how i get rich? Earn more money and get rich, correct. But here is a great saying:

“It’s simple arithmetic: Your income can grow only to the extent that you do.” —T. Harv Eker

And trust me there is a limit as per above true saying, but the good thing is, it is not impossible to know how to get rich and the bad thing is no one can become rich quicker or become rich overnight. So question remains the same, How to become rich in India then?

Well, answer lies in some proven, practiced and repeatable steps that can make you rich. These steps may take some time since there is no secret of becoming rich quicker but I am sure you will find yourself in a pool of success soon and you will come to know how to get rich.

Not much money to invest? Not having huge income source? Then how to get rich in India? That’s ok, you can still become Rich. There are definite ways to get richer.

So now let’s start exploring all options quickly to become rich:

How to Become Rich in India: 11 Great and Proven Ways

1.Your Second or Multiple Income Source

Yes becoming rich is not going to happen overnight until you are born with silver spoon or born wealthy.Remember there is no solution for the great question how to be rich quick. But we can make it possible by taking some amount of time. Ask your self once how can i get rich?

The simple thing is that we have to create another source of income apart from our 9 to 5 job.

If it is possible for you, create more channels of income. Now is the time when earning from home is also possible. People are making plenty of money just working from home using internet.

I have written an Article on How We can earn money Online with 15 proven Ways,See what suits you best.

There is no limit to earn money from internet but we have to start first. You can sell products without even owning any product. And there are multiple ways of scaling your online income.

Start finding even an Hour from your busy schedule, explore earning options and your alternate earning stream that you can do it after your regular job. Stick to it, results may take some time to show, but trust me everything will count. Just remember:

“You can’t work three hours a week and make $100,000. Get rich quick doesn’t work. Crock pot mentality always defeats microwave mentality!” —Dave Ramsey


2.Saving Money is to Earning Money

I have always said saving money is earning money. Financial crunch can be control to a certain extent by reducing expenditure of resources.

Believe me or not every penny saved is worth for a healthy wealth for your future.

Used the most vital theory, which say “Canon of Financial properties” before purchase or investing on anything.

Which simply means refer to some set of rules and checks before purchasing or investing on anything that marks your financial decision.

Learn 19 best and Easy ways to save money.

Saving money not really require to cut down your necessity but to spend wisely. That way you will see your Wise money. There are small things in our daily life that costs us some extra bucks. Trust me these extra bucks is a huge amount in near future.

Saving money is no art when you have a perfect money saving plan.


3.Manage Your Personal Finance Better

This is one of major factor that contribute our answer on how to become rich. It is a combination of Earning, Saving and Investment.

We should use our hard earned money in such a way that it should work for us. Manage personal finance is no more an art when you are hitting your financial goals correctly. Look for a smart investment plan that works for you. Choose small and safe then make it large. Smart investments are required looking at your future goals.

But there are more factors apart from investment that affects your finance. You need to take best controls on your money flow. So it is basically your Wise Money.Remember easy way to get rich is just a saying.
Try to best manage of your finance in spending, analyzing and controlling money which provides justice to your financial goals.

For all these factors make sure to have a systematic and successful track on the way to becoming rich soon.

Learn how to manage your personal Finance in better ways with 15 great Tips here.


4.How to Become Rich in India when You Invest Early?

That was the question which contains answer within. No doubt the sooner your start the chances of becoming rich is easy and fast. There is no short cut on how get rich, remember?

Before I say anything about this, looks at the picture below about investment:

Become Rich when You Invest Early

So above picture clearly explains, when a person invests 20K every month for 20 Years, Maturity amount received will make you Millionaire.

Now suppose you are 25 years now and you have started investing, so at the age of 45 you can see your return. Now think about a person who started investing at age of 30 years, so in this context you are 5 years ahead in becoming richer than person who started investing late.

Look for some of best investing schedules around you, could be PPF, investing in Mutual funds(risk calculated),LIC schemes etc. There are multiple ways for how to become rich in India, follow few of them. Some of bank account investment is also not bad with no risk involved are Recurrence deposit, Fixed deposit and goal based deposits. Go ahead and find more yourself on how to become billionaire in India, now you will definitely get some clue.


5.Time Is Money

Here is something really important to understand:

“Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” —Christopher Rice

I hope the above words described everything what I wanted to say.

Now here is a wonderful cartoon by Polyp which tells us something in different way:

time is money

In your daily life you may see many people spending their lives like they have an unlimited amount of time. And before they know the importance of time, it is too late to realize anything- remember the famous rat race?

Some spend their time gaining wealth and success, some spend on travelling, others have priority with time on partying and shopping, nothing is bad, it is all about how you want to spend your time and your each moment. Ask yourself – is time finite or infinite? Now here you got your answer on how to become rich in India, correct? If not, see your clock and ask yourself what was time an hour ago and how did it just ran out? You may have not realized due to busy in your work but minute by minute it just passes away.

Here is what Steve Job said: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”


And finally remember, “The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.” —Robert Kiyosaki


6.Become Rich by Starting Your Business

Remember one thing, just like you can only spend the money you have there is limit on saving too. But it is your potential that can earn you limitless money.

So start your own business or company or a start-up. Earning from your regular job can earn you money for only covering your living and necessity but not the amount that grows exponentially by time.

The solution on how to become reach can easily be resolved by money you earn from your business. There is classic saying, no one has even become rich by regular job, but it is business that makes them rich.

You can start any business online that you think you have skill for it. You can even sell products by opening your e-commerce website. Just remember your first earning can take some time. So be patient and be always on right track. Keep trying for best results, it is like get rich or die tryin.


7.Gain New Knowledge and Develop Great Skills

Here is something good to digest:

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, and poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” —Zig Ziglar

Have you ever thought about this? Any correlation with how become rich? No doubt, most of world’s wealthiest people are also smartest people in the world. The key is to constantly updating ourselves with new skills and keep developing our knowledge.

These not only takes us to a new high level every time when time demands but also help ourselves against hard time and challenges. To overcome challenges we have to be ready. New skills and knowledge can also help us to get success in our fields and open path for becoming rich faster.

By gaining knowledge you can better understand marketing trends and the ways to deal with them, this will help you gaining more sales with your business. There are also many things we keep learning when we try to develop our skills and knowledge that leads to financial success.


8.Another Working Hand

Believe me or not, if you are married and your wife is also earning it is easy to manage finance. Not only day to day expenditures will be easily managed but future goals too. Being two earning members you will have extra money to plan your future goals. Solve your query for yourself for how to become richer in India that way.

There will always be extra amount for investment and savings. Both earning members can then plan to convert some amount into a sum of large amount in various ways. You will be able to manage your finance even better.

In similar way, a better working partner or co-founder can help to achieve success goals easily for a company.


9.How to Become Rich in India with Your Luck?

Now this is something I want to include in the list. You may be playing online games like poker,rummy, or cricket games on dream11,

games on paytm or any lottery etc.. Do you still believe in knowing how to get rich quick ? Keep reading this section.

These are some ways you can become rich. But winning is not guarantee. I even personally not advice to go for this method. Remember there is no short cut of earning money. But people have their choices, if you want you can try your luck sometimes. Do update me if luck favors you for most of times on these online games and if you were able to lock some hefty amount.

You may end up losing too much money and blame your luck. So let’s make sure this should never be the case.


10.Take Risk

There is point at times when we have to go ahead and take risk in order to grow.

Remember “The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” So launch your start-up with idea to grow in such a way that was not possible with 9 to 5 regular job. Solve your query for how to become a wealthy person by yourself.

Your start may be slow and could be disappointing, but remember no one has become rich overnight.  Just to make sure risk is calculated and we do have a backup plan.

I started a placement consultancy which was miserable failed and for next 2 years I was unable to launch any start-up, recovery took some time. I did some mistakes and I want to make sure you should never repeat that. I have summarized my mistakes, and also success visions that I could have followed but anyhow failed.

“What’s keeping you from being rich? In most cases it’s simply a lack of belief. In order to become rich, you must believe you can do it, and you must take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.” —Suze Orman


11.How to Become a Rich in India by Marrying to Wealth

We not only listen in stories or watch in movies but in real life you can become rich by marrying to a rich man or women. Say it a luck by chance, self-made luck or your lucky love but trust me heart brings out wealth to you. And this is how to become wealthy with one of ways which i don’t really prefer, but still work.

Did you heard of divorce cases where divorce has been settled with a huge amount of money? Yes it happens and there are many examples you must be knowing. But that doesn’t mean marrying for only money and then get separated. Real love can also be found in your partner. So get lucky in every ways.



Now my efforts will be wasted if you are not going to mark your track on the journey of how to become rich. There are ways to get richer and I have never said it is going to be easy task but we are the one who can achieve it. You remember the classic saying “All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas—not money.” And above are some of best and proven ideas that makes us rich. You follow some, no doubt rich is not a far state to achieve. Slowly you will also solve puzzle for how to be richest by yourself and will know how to become a billionaire in India.

Did I miss anything? Let me know on comments and I will add it in above.

8 Easy and Effective Ways To Earn money from YouTube

8 Easy and Effective Ways To Earn money from YouTube

Do you know YouTube can be a good source of earning?

Updated with 2018 new policies

Earning from YouTube is easy. You can create your own channel and keep posting your videos.

Let is reach to a certain milestone for number of subscribers and viewers, monetize it, run ads and earn money from YouTube. That’s it, so simple. Right?

Well not so easy, but not that tough too. It all depends upon your content, geography, audience target etc.

Before we proceed to know aspects of earn money from YouTube, I would like you to be aware of policy change for YouTube from January 2018.

As I have said before, internet is full of choices but knowledge is important.

Monetization Policies of YouTube as of Jan 2018

Remember monetization enabling criteria for YouTube? Yes correct, Views & Subscribers. Now there is change in this criteria, which may be going to affect any new channel on YouTube.

Now the new monetization enabling criteria is watch time. Sounds so odd, right? Let me explain this.

Suppose you have a channel and you need to enable monetization on it. So to enable monetization on your channel, requirement is 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers minimum.

This is absolutely seems like a big milestone, isn’t it? Yes it is. But let me break down this policy into a simple mathematical logic and then let me know how does it looks like.

Suppose you have a video of 10mins. Then let’s see how does it goes with 4000 hours of watch time.

One– When video watched fully

Suppose video is watched fully for 10mins. So to reach 4000 hours of watch time it needs 24,000 views (60/10 * 4000).

TwoWhen video watched half

Now in this case suppose your video is watched half which is 5mins. Then views on video needs to be 48,000 (60/5 * 4000).

Now how that sounded to you? Well, not as tough as it was seems to be on paper. Correct?

And we know we are going to reach that milestone.

Similarly we need 1000 subscribers’ minimum.

The other important thing I want to mention is that -you will be able to transfer your YouTube earning to your bank account when you have earned $100 minimum in your AdSense account.

According to a report , There are many Indian Youtubers who are earning millions, few of them are:

BB Ki Vines – Daily views more than 2 millions and earning 20+ lacks per month

Sandeep Maheswari – Daily views more than half millions and earning more than 16 lacks per month

Nisha Madhulika – Daily views more than a million and earning more than 15 lacks per month

Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) – Daily views more than half millions and earning more than 12 lacks per month

All India Bakchod – Daily views more than 6 lacks and earning more than 12 lacks.

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How to earn money from YouTube?

Trust me there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, I am going to tell you 8 proven methods of earning money online from YouTube.

So are you ready to start earning online from YouTube now? Let’s begin then.

1.YouTube Ads

We watch videos on YouTube and also sometimes we watch ads connected with that video, what happens when someone watches ads along with the original video?

Correct, the owner of the channel earns. But how? From where YouTube pays to the channel?

Answer is Ad-sense, yes YouTube earns money from Ad-sense. Ad-sense is an advertising company which pays YouTube for showing ads on Videos.

So YouTube earns from Ad-sense and you earn from YouTube. Here is share of advertisement money YouTube gets:

Advertisement money (100%) = YouTube share (15%) and your share (85%)

So make a YouTube channel and post your videos. You can also make videos according to your interest.

If you want to educate people about something, make video and post it on YouTube. You can make videos on variety of topics or niche like cooking, travelling, information based etc.

Represent your videos well, let it reached to a certain milestone as I said above for views and subscribers. Enable monetizing on your YouTue channel or videos. Run Ads on your Videos.

So every time someone watches your  videos along with ads you earn.

2.Affiliate Marketing

You can create a YouTube video promoting any product that you want to sell and upload it on your channel.

Yes, enroll with some affiliate marketing programs with Amazon, flipkart, makemytrip etc. Upload some videos giving reviews of product or promote product in a best way.

Whenever people buy that product from your provided affiliate link you get some fix commission.

Whenever you give any review of product remember it to be your personal experience or a real experience with someone you know closely.

Trust me you have to be honest in your review, let people know the natural review of that product. Provide some real good and positive reviews.

Win confidence of your YouTube audiences and drive them to purchase that product from your provided affiliate link on you YouTube video.

There are also other methods of promoting the product. Show your audience how popular the product is and by using it we are going to get tons of help in our daily life.

Cool, right? Yes it is, people are earning lot of money from affiliate marketing. So why can’t we try. Let’s earn now.

3.Drive traffic to a site

This is another good way to earn money from YouTube videos. Suppose you run an online store or having a blog. You can create a video promoting some product of your online store and drive people to your website.

Similarly, with your blog site, you can create a video explaining about the content of your blog.

Let people know about your blog and invite them to your site to know more. When traffic start coming to your site you can earn through many ways like Ads click, affiliate marking, sponsors etc.

4.Earn money from Youtube by Sponsored Videos

Now you have a YouTube channel and good number of subscribers. Your videos gets good views. Chances are likely you may get some sponsor deal depending upon your YouTube video content creation.

Any advertising agency or a company can approach you asking you to promote their product with your video.

It can be a deal for an entire video or anywhere a short segment in your video. Sponsored video is useful to target audience making them know about a company and product they sell, also for some new offers company is providing.

Sponsored videos are useful for a small startup companies as well as for a establish company. And trust me they pay well for sponsored video.

5.Sell your own product

You own some product like t-shirts, digital products or other merchandise, you have your online store or you are selling it on amazon, flipkart or any other platform.

Make a YouTube video promoting your product, give some reviews, tell some stories of your product creation, tell how competitive this product is in market, tell about offers on your product, let people know your product and convince them to buy your product.

Get some traffic to your online store from your video, let people view all of your product and get your sale increase.

6.Provide service and earn

You are good at web designing or software development or editing videos. Make some videos showing your talent. Let people know how best you are with your expertise.

Chances of earning is when you are hired for any client or company for providing your services by watching your talent in your YouTube video.

You can also let any of your established or new client watch your video and get you offer for a new project applied in a different platform.

7.Emails lists

Suppose you made a video on a certain topic or some great content. Your YouTube video is liked by many viewers and your subscribers.

You have invited people to get in touch with you via emails to let them know great knowledge you have on the topic that will help them in many ways, you can set some examples as well.

Many of your viewers will get in touch with you with their email addresses. Soon you can have lists of email address.

You can use them letting people know about your services or about a product that you own or your affiliate marketing product. As list grows try to generate some leads for your services and earn money from it.

8.Earn from YouTube Superchat

Now this is another interesting feature that can earn money from YouTube. It works basically on Live stream with live chat.

Check your Superchat eligibility in your YouTube channel and Signup for superchat once you are eligible.

Earn money from YouTube Superchat

Suppose you are very famous with your YouTube channel and now you are streaming live somewhere, may be think of letting people see live streaming of a performance.

When you do a live streaming and suparchat is enabled on your channel people may start to send some messages with that live streaming.

Now there can be some people or media or company that wants their message to hold for some time between lots of other messages. So they can pay for it. Messages are hold for some duration depending upon how much amount people pays.

Superchat money share is distributed between YouTube and YouTube channel owner.


Now I want you to take action, convert your passion for video creation on YouTube into a financial success. I am not saying it is very easy to earn money from YouTube but if we don’t try we will never be able to know our limit. Let’s try to convert our passion into income.

I have mentioned 8 proven methods by which we can earn money from YouTube. Let me know if they are useful to you in any ways ? Also please add any other method in comment section if I have missed out any.

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Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

This is what I think you are….

1.You are self employed

2.You have your clients

3.You have your projects

4.You have freedom to work from anywhere

5.You are your own boss

6.You can choose what to work and with whom

7.You have freedom to work anytime you wish

8.You have freedom to decide your rate of work

….If you work as Freelancer.

Do you know you can earn full time as a Freelancer in India ?

Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Last night I was applying for some jobs and was providing my estimation in which I will be able to finish the work. I was also answering some questions needed to fill out with those Jobs. With some mixed views I went to bed for sleep.

In morning when I wake up I thought of checking my e-mails, I opened my laptop and logged in to my mail.

“Ok we hire you on your estimated budget, here are full details of the work you need to complete, reach to me for any query.”

That’s it ! Yes, I got work and going to earn my estimated budget now which I proposed for this work.

This was me who earned money online without investment as a freelancer in India.

You can also earn a lot by working as a freelancer in India, if I can earn why can’t you? I am going to walk you through with the freelancer way of earning money.

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and it can be associated with a particular employer for long term or it can be for short term depending upon work.

There is no problem working in short term with many clients, or long term with one client with full time.

If you are given an option which one you will select? If you ask me I will select short term jobs with different clients or same clients. This will give me opportunity to learn different works or projects in a short time and I can possibly see myself growing in experience and money very shortly.

Suppose you have knowledge and you know how to design a website, you went for the job and proposed yourself as a perfect freelancer for the job. Client sees your response along with others, he filter with the desired profile and invite you for discussion. As client finds you suitable, you are hired! That is how it goes.

You can become freelancer in India on any of your core knowledge, like software developer, web design, network engineer, human resource, writing, consultation, translation etc.

Now you must be thinking where I should apply job and who will hire me, correct?

There are many online websites or workspace where we can get freelancer jobs and you can become a Freelancer in India.

I am going to list out some freelancing website I am best aware of:

  1. Upwork
  2. People per hour
  3. Simply hired
  4. Fiverr
  5. Guru
  6. Toptal

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Freelancing work can be started at anytime. I want to divide mainly two categories depending upon level of beginning.

1.Starting from scratch

This level of beginning I call it define yourself, know your capabilities and your interest.

At this time you identify your capabilities with your interest. Suppose you are good in writing articles and content and this is your interest area too. You then choose to work in writing area.

So even for students it can work. There are many jobs that do not need to an expertise technical knowledge, like writing, resume making, completing someone’ literature or English project, Advising product name or startup name depending upon nature of content etc.

So what is your area of interest and in what field you want to start your freelancing journey?

If you ask me same question at this time of this article, my answer is Writing. I can write for myself as well as for someone else. Everyone has their personal style of writing that is been liked by a particular audiences and so do I have my style of writing. This is also my area of interest.

2.Starting at a level of experience

At this level you will be having some experience already in your core area. You can be having knowledge on Network fields, Software development, web design, Software testing, Recruitment etc..

It doesn’t mean you need to be at expert level. There are some jobs that requires a person to be at beginner level while there are some jobs that demands an expert level person. Likewise earnings from these jobs also differ.

So if I ask you at your level of experience what will be your area for freelancing job?

My answer is cisco networking, I have intermediate knowledge of cisco networking and I can work as a freelancer in this area.

Becoming a freelancer will not going to get you jobs immediately, well it depends upon your luck too. You have to make a good profile of yourself and represent yourself well on the freelancer websites.

I am going to give you some ideas on freelancer profiles and the job applications when we apply for a job. And remember when you complete a job always ask client to give you ratings, this will help you to grow faster.

Upwork. I have been a freelancer on Upwork and have earned money doing many jobs.

Making a good profile on upwork

Before I start to explain why it is important to have a good freelancer profile, see below and let me know. What you think?

Making a good profile on upwork as Freelancer in India

Above profile completely failing to explain the key factors of a freelancer candidate’s core knowledge. When you apply for any job, employer might see your profile for your experience and core knowledge and that is where we can lose the opportunity for not being in the queue of getting Job.

So start with your core topic, the area which you work. Like for a subject writer, core can be – Content Writer (and can add-on Blog writer, guest writer etc..)

Then explain your writing skills and define precisely your area of writing.

You can later add some of your reputed writings that you have written in past or you can provide link to your writing if it on internet.

We can also add some of our personal skills like Passionate writer, hard worker or a good work track record.

You can also upload a video introducing yourself with your profile.

Decide your hourly rate and fix rate

This is something you need to decide for per hour rate payment that you will receive while doing a job.

There are Jobs for which you will be paid when job is fully complete (called as Fixed rate job) and there are jobs which demands per hour payment.

You can decide your per hour rate low in beginning but increase per hour rate as you grow with experience.

Applying a Job

When you apply for any job as a Freelancer in India on upwork, check details of Job, check if it is hourly job, you can check about the clients also.

When you are good to go, then apply for job with your estimated budget that you want to receive for completing the job. Draft a good cover letter and send it.

You can see below a job reference and details.

Applying a Job on upwork as Freelancer in India

Understating Job requirement

This is very important part of the Job. It applies before you apply for the freelancer Job and also when you have a Job in your hand.

Try to understand requirements of a Job. Talk to client and develop understanding about job delivery.

It is very important to have a good communication between you and your client over a job. Try to complete Job as per expectations.

Completed Job? Take feedback and ratings

This is again very important part of your Job. Feedback and ratings can give you an opportunity to grow as a freelancer and you can see more values to your profile.

When you apply for a new job, client can visit your profile and see your historical ratings which you have worked in past and this can help you to bag new work very easily.

See below picture, a client has rated me with feedback-

client feedback on upwork when working as Freelancer in India

This was a fixed price project based on a very little networking knowledge which I was able to finish successfully in 2013.

See below –

contract change on upwork as Freelancer in India

Ratings and feedback on your work is very important. Based on my historical ratings I was able to get some more work.

I am going to summarize key point for Freelancing work.

  • Know your core area for work
  • Choose freelancing website, like upwork or the one from the list I provided above
  • Signup as a new freelancer
  • Create your profile and fill all details
  • Decide per hour rate with profile
  • Search Job and see job description carefully
  • Apply for Job with a good cover letter
  • Wait for client response
  • Meanwhile keep applying for new Jobs
  • Never lose patience and your hopes
  • Earn money as as Freelancer in India or from anywhere

You can decide you’re per hour rate low in beginning but keep increasing with your experience.

Below is a graph illustration showing Work Vs Pay, as your work increases your payment also increases. So if you are starting at low, you will be rate yourself high as soon as you will get more work. This is very simple, it actually happens in most of cases.

Work Vs Pay as Freelancer in India

Freelancing gives you great platform for earning online with freedom of work. Some small startups also hire freelancer to get their work done.

If you have a company or a small startup and you need some hands to assist you in your work, you can hire some freelancer to get your work done.

Call to Action!

Now it’s your time to take action. As I said before internet is full of choices but knowledge is important.To become a successful as Freelancer in India you need to focus on some basic things.

Trust me earning from freelancing job is not very tough.It is not actually restricted to any location but you can earn from anywhere.

Let me know if I can be your any help in your freelancing journey.

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15 Ways to Earn Money Online in India 2021 without Investment

15 Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment

I know many of you must be thinking that i am cracking a joke, it is not possible to earn money online in India without doing any investment. So friends please put your thought little aside while i tell you the best ways on how to earn money online in India without any investment. Later I am going to show you proof  how I earn online money with few of methods given below.

Do you know you can earn millions online ?

If you are thinking I am going to give you some earning money online ideas that can get you only little money then be aware, I am not going to talk about:

  • Earn money online in India by survey ( I believe they are spams and I never recommend this way of earning money)
  • Paid to click and earn money online
  • No online money earning with micro jobs
  • No smartphone use for download application and refer a friend to earn money online
  • Online quiz to earn money in India
  • No fake online money making ideas

You can also use this as guide for your question on how to make money online for beginners in India. There are ways to earn money from internet. Still confused how to earn money online in India or how to earn money at home with different ways?

Have i earned money online?

I have some good relations with my failures, and there are some lessons i certainly have learnt.
Way back in 2008 i tried my best to sale security cameras to small and medium companies.

It just failed miserably after 3 Months with only 1 sale.Online hacks were not so popular those days and money earning online in India was still an unknown fact. There was limited knowledge available on how to make money online.
Later I launched my Startup as a placement consultancy with an goal to provide recruitment services to companies.

It survived for few months with some small clients, but failed to claim its existence in competitive world. I did lost good amount of money.
My first online earning was 3$ for an article on IT networking as freelancer. The other work was for a fix amount of 5$ . 

Sooner or later i started to know the power of online money earning in India.
Over the years i see people have established them self with a successful business online and they have cracked the clue of how to earn money online from India.
My journey had never been a bed of roses but i see them on positive side as those were the ways which made me to learn on the tough side. One thing that i don’t want you to ask me is how to earn money fast in India, because there is no short cut.

So are you ready to earn money online in India now ? Let’s begin..

15 Ways to Earn Money Online in India without Investment

1. Freelancer

This is what I want to recommend at number 1 position. There are many freelancing website (like upwork) in which you can apply for the job for which you are comfortable to do and can earn money online. I was able to earn money online by freelancing. You can opt for jobs like writing, software developer, web designing, training courses, human resources etc.

You can find how much freelancers earns money online in India as average in different Jobs on upwork.

Every jobs are having their value and perks. You can start slow and low but you will see yourself growing consistently with time and money. I have seen people earning good money consistently by freelancing job. Believe me they are earning millions. If you are also earning with freelancing, ask yourself how i make money online more with multiple skills.

You need no investment for this, but to develop skills. You have to make your profile that catches a job and you have to present yourself most suitable for it.

(let me know if you want to earn with freelancing , I can walk you through making profile, description and applying jobs)

How I earned money in India from freelancing? How client reviews helped me to get me another work on upwork giving me opportunity to earn more money than earlier?

2.Earn from your writing

This is another work which can earn you good money consistently. My father had a hobby of writing in Hindi language. He use to write Poems, articles and stories. His poems and articles were published with many local publishers  and his organization magazines, so he has got some followers already.

When he retired he thought of writing a poem book which will publish national wide. His book was published and were put on sale online with amazon, flipkart and other online site by publishers. He has earn successfully with his writing work. 

You can choose any topic you have knowledge or you want to share with the world. Apply for job on freelancer as well for writing articles, stories etc and earn online money in India. Opt to write for others as well and earn money online in return.

3.Earn money online in India from Youtube

How to earn money from YouTube in India ? Believe me friends Youtube is not just for entertainment. You can earn very good money consistently from YouTube.

It works on CPM(Cost Per Mile) be it some average money for a mile of every 1000 views or likes.

Make youtube channel, post some good video and see your earning. There are some successful Youtubers in India who are earning millions like Nisha Madhulika, Sandeep Maheshwari etc.

You can make a funny video and post it on your YouTube channel or teach something, make some educational video and earn from it as audiences grow.

I know one of my friend who started educating people about the technical courses, he was able to drive that category of audience to him to buy his product.

You can earn on youtube by giving review of any product or giving a tutorial as well. 

How we can earn money from Youtube?

4.Earn money online in India from Twitter

Have you seen celebrities gaining popularity from Twitter? News channel posting a breaking news stories? But how to earn money online in India with this ? Trust me one can earn very good money from Twitter so as to establish a good carrier from it.

There are different ways to earn money online from Twitter. You are not limited to any market strategy or an influencer. There are different ways like Video ads on twitter, sponsored Ads, Business leads or Twitter related services. We simply call it we are online, but how to online make money is not an puzzle anymore.

Know 10 Ways How to Earn Money online in India from Twitter

5.Make money online in India bySelling courses 

Do you have knowledge in your domain and you know everything else about it. You can actually earn by transforming it to a course from your knowledge domain.

Yes correct, make courses online by using available tools or you can also take help from other online platforms like If you know music teach people music, if you know any sports well, teach people about that sport, make course, sell them and earn money online.

If I would have to make a course I would choose wireless technology. I have good knowledge on it. I can teach people about basic knowledge, installation of home based and corporate based WiFi and all other stuffs related with it along with sales and selecting best Wifi design for any environment.

6.Earn money online by becoming a middle man

You have a site or a blog. You run Ads on your site from AdSense and when anyone clicks on it you earn every time. Do you know Google is a middle man in the Ads with AdSense. When anyone clicks on your Ads, Google get a fix amount, Google keeps its commission and gives rest to you.

You can also earn money online by becoming a middle man. By working as a freelancer I was able to get some projects which I use to assign to other individual. I use to keep 20% of money earn from that project and rest 80% is for the person who use to do project.

Do you have a successful YouTube channel with monetization and sponsored with it. You can help some of good channels in getting sponsors and earn a middle man commission.

7.Buy and Sell domain names

When I say domains believe me it is not like a technical word. Domain is just like website example , so can I sell my domain and earn money online? Answer is yes off course.

There are people earning from selling domain names and making lot of money, they also put their domain in auction to some sites. The domain traders do follow some strategy for this. They find some popular phrases, do some keyword planner, try to find available domain names with those search and buy them. Later they sell those domains in good price. You can also sale or auction your domains on

8.Sell photos and earn

If you think you are best at taking photos, then you can actually earn from this. There are online website which helps you earn money online from your best shots. Istockphoto and shutterstock are the two platforms for your earning from photos. There are also some more websites but I am aware of these two as equally popular. Both of them having a different price structure. You can also refer photographers and earn some money whenever their photos are purchased.

9.Sell products online and earn from it

Off course we do have this options as well, we can sell a product online. If you have any product like clothes, jewelry, books etc. you can sell it online. You can register with Amazon to sell your product. Amazon has facility to deliver your product straight to customer or you can ship by yourself. There are some fee structure set by amazon that you need to know, like Referral fee( varies according to product, starting minimum as 3%) and fixed closing fee.

In the same way you can sell on Paytm, flipkart and other online stores and can earn money online in India.

10. Earn money online in India from Blogging

Slowly but consistently blogging can be a source for earning for you. Blogging is spreading its wings in India now. And this can be your way to earn money online in India if you are thinking about it.

If you have hobby of writing, this will suit you best. With your quality writing you can invite people to read your blog and as traffic to your blog increases you can monetize your blog that can earn you good money.

But if you are thinking of earning money very quickly with blogging, I bet there is no magic. You need to wait for some time to see your first earning.

There are few bloggers in India who are earning millions like Harsh Agarwal (, Faisal farooqui (,Amit Agarwal ( etc.

You can write on anything like cooking, travelling, teaching any courses etc. Write on your blog or website or write for someone.

Both ways you can earn money online, difference is when you write for someone you get paid instantaneously as this is like you are providing a service and charging for it. But when you write for yourself or for your blog it can be a source for consistent earning in long term.

You need to follow on quality writing and any topic that you are interested about.

You Can start from Today!

There are many articles, blogs and videos (YouTube) available on how you can start your blog and earn money online from it.But remember it cannot make you rich quickly. You need to have patience and need to work hard on your writing.

There are many ways people earn from their blog like by running ads on your blog, affiliate marketing etc. So, there is no best way to earn money online either, see what suits you best.

11.Earn money online in India from Facebook

Yes and I am serious! Facebook is not only about being on a social network, you can earn money online from  Facebook.

You need to have a page created which can be a backlink to your blog or youtube channel, but it is not necessary. So you have a page on facebook and you post anything that catches people attention like posting a link to your blog, or sharing any useful information on your page, reviewing a product, with that mean you are able to get some facebook traffic to your page.

This is time when you can think of monetizing your Facebook page. You can run ads, do affiliate marketing. If you have a youtube video you can post it on your facebook page as well, in that way you are targeting crowd in two ways, one on youtube and other on facebook for same video.

How can I earn money online in India from Facebook?

12. Earn Money from Instagram

Just like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter , Instagram has potential to generate great revenue.

Similar to any other social media, the more audience or followers you have the more chances you hold for multiple stream of earning.

You can earn money by sponsored post for any brand. You can do affiliate marketing as well.

Sell your own products, physical or digital and earn from it. You can also provide your services for which you can change a fix amount.

13. Earn by consulting

You can provide some consultation to a client or people on your core skills. Like if you have knowledge of marketing and you know how you can make a business grow faster, then you can provide your ideas to a client or a startup and charge according to that.

I know some people who make very good money by charging per hour for consultation. I don’t say you need to be a master on your core knowledge but you should be having enough knowledge better than a client. And trust me learning is a process that will continue. We are going to be even better with some new learnings. You can definitely make money online in India without investment with this.

14.Teacher or a Coach

If you are having any skill that you think you are good at, then you can provide coaching or opt for teaching online with the way you want to choose. There is good earning in this field too. You can provide your coaching for any sports.

Become a dance teacher if you are good at, teach yoga etc. There are many options depending upon your skill and interest. Make your video or write (add pictures if needed) step by step and start publish on a social network, Youtube or your blog. Earn money online as traffic grows, you can later monetize your skills in different ways to earn millions.

15.Earn from hobby I call it roadmap to success

This is something interesting I want to add here. I have practical experience on how to earn good money consistently after establishing your business or startup with no investment at all.

How Smita established her own plants nursery without any investment?

Smita was having deep interest in gardening, she loves to see new plants in her garden. Never thought that her hobby will get her establish a successful business.

Smita use to collect variety of flowers from friends, neighbors or any commercial places, no one bothers to give you a single flower if you ask so.

She started to get it dry in sunlight( or some simple home methods) and collect seed from flowers. Then she use to plant those seeds in small egg try in her home. After when they grow a little she use to transfer it to her garden. In this process after few month she noticed she was able to grow variety of plants, some of them rare plants.

Her beginning of establishing her nursery started when nearby nurseries shown interest to buy seasonal plants. From then she grew a roadmap of success out of her hobby.She was able to earn money online.

She was able to earn from online marketing, educating people about gardening on youtube etc. So you see establishing business offline and then taking it to online is a major change that affects your growth. And this is how to earn online money India even-though you have a offline business.

Good Thing is – You Can Also do it !

We all have some hobbies and interest that we never know can turn up a successful business for us. I was able to startup a placement consultancy doing freelancing jobs. Earning online money in India is not an difficult road to walk when we step into right shoes. And very soon you may see yourself earning money at home.

Call to action!

Now you can better decide how you plan to earn money online from India in better way. Many of methods can show you how to make money from home in India. Remember there is no best way to earn money in India until you try.

My effort of sharing these information will go in vain if you don’t execute any of those. Do not afraid of failures and if you do then i am sure you are going to miss the most important lessons of your life. Online earning India is very important weather it is passive or active.

Internet is full of choices but knowledge is important. We can also earn out of our hobby. And remember you only need to have a laptop and internet connection.

Do you like to see your money grow? Know now how to earn money from home ? Do you know now how to earn money online in India without investment on some big assets ?

I am sure , It is your time now.

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