How Can We Save Earth?

how can we save earth 

How can we save Earth Or How to protect our environment? It is no unknown fact that the Earth is calling for help and it’s not just the climate change issue that is at the top of the priority list, but many other factors and questions still remain same, 

Remember we do not have another Planet B. It’s high time for humans to step up and take measures to save the earth. The weather conditions are changing, food production is at stake and if sea levels continue rising at this rate, catastrophic conditions may occur across the globe in the future.

Human activities like dumping waste in water bodies, way too many vehicles on the street emitting poisonous gases, wasting water, using plastic, every little thing contributes to pushing our planet one step ahead towards the danger zone. And if we want to protect the environment, the countries need to take severe measures to reduce damages on the planet and the ecosystem.

But how can we save our environment as an individual?  Yes, we can contribute in our own way towards protecting the environment by making small changes. Here are the top best measures you can take to save the planet.

1.Don’t use more tap water than necessary

Remember to turn the faucet off!  This will help you save money on your water bill and save water. You can also use a dishwasher to save more water. Remember water is basis of all living being. Without water survival is impossible. Remember little things makes a big difference.

In fact, its not only about closing your tap for unnecessary water wastage, but there are many ways, know 11 ways by which we can save water.

2.Save electricity for a better tomorrow

Always turn the lights off when you are not present in the room. Also switching to LED lights is the better option in protecting nature because they are much more efficient and use less energy. LEDs last 10 times longer than usual lamps and even use two-third less energy.

3.Switch to paper bags while shopping

Paper is a natural product and can be decomposed easily. Plastic can really harm the environment and cause pollution. However, if you have a plastic bag lying around at your house, please reuse it instead of purchasing a new bag and save earth from pollution. Only 9 to 10% of plastic gets recycle, and rest we know create our planet as bad as can be imagined.

4.Reuse your water bottle

Instead of buying a new plastic bottle everyday when you are out, bring your own water bottle to save money and also reduce the number of plastic bottles wasted each year. You can always refill your bottle throughout the day. We know plastics are not environment friendly, so let’s not use any plastic material anymore.

5.Try walking, cycling or choosing public transport

Instead of taking your car everywhere, make it a habit to start walking, cycling or opt for public transport. Walking and cycling are great exercises and you will also be saving our planet by reducing the amount of fuel burnt in the atmosphere. By reducing number of vehicle that obviously pollute our atmosphere, we can reduce green house gases.

6.Use organic beauty products

Going for natural organic beauty products will let you save earth from pollution by reducing the amount of chemicals that go into making cosmetics. Moreover, you will also be doing your skin a favor- it’s a Win-Win situation! And anyways, chemicals are not good for anyone, lets be more natural.

7.Give a chance to composting

Rather than sending your food waste to the local trash facility, compost them. It will definitely reduce the amount of solid waste produced and you can also reuse it as a fertilizer for your plants. It has always been a great development in this filed in recent years but we are yet to reach to a good level.

8.Try avoiding packaged foods

Individually packaged food uses a lot of energy for food consumption as they are shipped across the globe to many locations. So every small step towards protecting Earth is indeed appreciable if we come all together, let’s go for the local product which is both sustainable and consumes less energy.

9.Bring your own mug to work

Instead of using those plastic cups and glasses at your workplace, take your own from home to reduce the amount of plastic used by each person in the office. This way you can play a small role in saving the planet. And every small step makes a bigger impact.

10.Go for online bills and e-tickets

Whether you are making any transaction or booking any tickets for flights, switch to using e-tickets and online bills. They are convenient and better for the environment because you will be saving a lot of paper and reducing toxic chemicals which go into making paper.


There are multiple ways you can adopt to help nature  and protect the environment.  You can always research online on how to protect our environment and get more ideas.  If every individual takes responsibility and plays their own role in taking steps to save the planet Earth, this world will be in a much better place in the future. So let’s all join in and contribute in whatever way we can- Save Mother Earth.


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