How to Forget Someone! Check out these 7 useful tips

how to forget someone

There are times when you get hurt. We all have been there, sometime and at some place. Below lines says it all. How to forget someone?

How to forget someone completely?

How to forget Love and how to forget a person?

Wish, the shore of the ocean would have never come.

There are times when you want to forget someone. But do you know how to forget about someone you love? This is difficult and trust me , I have been into this phase for many days, until one day I came out of it.

Well, Breakup happens and sometimes person you love hurt your feelings a lot. In such a case you finally think now it’s time to move on, now it’s time to start a new life but you can’t. Do you know the reason why? Well, the reason is you have not got the final closure for it. To forget someone you love, you need to get perfect closure. Well, follow these below tips to know how to forget someone you love. I am sure one of these may help you, Forgetting takes a courage out of your emotions and trust me it is not so easy.

How To Forget About Someone

1. Be confident

Is it possible to forget someone you love deeply? Do you think there is any way to know and solve the query of how to forget someone you loved deeply? Just be confident enough that if someone made you cry then that person is not worth it. Get this feeling from inside your core of heart. Say yourself, I should be deserving better that this and that’s why I am not with the person today.

You must end things with that person for your good. We understand ourselves better than anyone, so we stand for our good and not what others think of ourselves. Listen to good and motivating speakers. For instance, try to divert yourself on the things you love most when you are happy. This will help you gain confidence. Are you looking for the best tips on how to forget a girl or boy? Well follow all steps and be confident and you will surely forget. 

2. Perfect Closure to forget someone

Do you know what is the best way to know how to forget someone? The closure is the right answer for that. Get closure, write a letter or a message or meet him/her in person to get closure. In addition, get an answer to your question. This will help you a lot to move on and you will of course feel better after closure. Closing on a soft note is far better than on harsh. Let it go and you have forgiven that person for everything because once you were in love and you know you cannot be wrong.

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let it go.”

If you want to confess your feeling to the person you loved, do it ,because it will only help you get good closure. If you are mad at that person tell him/her, get closure, and move out from there. Getting closure is the best lover tip for you. 

3. Get rid of Souvenirs

Have you ever thought about what makes you connect to the person you loved a lot? That’s their talks, their messages, their memories and their belongings. The question which everyone asks each other nowadays is how to forget your love? How to forget someone you loved so much?

The first step to forget your love is to delete all messages and throw their belongings so that you cannot see them anymore and make you remember the person you loved again and again. Seems to be on a hard note, yah! But every person has a tendency of grasping things in different way. The best immediate remediation is to more on. You can come back visiting your memories after many days and give it a laugh.

4. Stay Busy to forget someone

Once you are done with closure and throwing out stuff, you need to stay busy. Stay busy and know what you are worth. Know different ways for yourself that keeps you busy. Know how you can effectively forget love. Do things that makes you happy at times.

Therefore, to stay busy do your work like office work properly, divert your mind from that person, don’t think about that person, listen to music and dance, attend fun parties, travel and explore new places. Doing these things will surely help you stay busy and you will not get a second to think about the person you loved. 

5. Stay with your group or your buddies circle

Now forgetting someone require you to be involve with other companions. In other words, get with your best buddies that uplift you, gives you positive feelings. Friends are always there when we need them. Share some feelings and listen to them. Go out with them, have some fun, make and break some plans and try to get involve yourself into a different world. Trust me, it helps a lot.

6. Change your living

Do you want to forget someone you love? Do you ask yourself thinking about ex how to forget you.? Do you say to yourself I want to forget you? Well, you can easily do that once you change your living. You can feel better once you get a chance. You can explore the world, meet new people, think creative, explore your hobbies, try new exercises, cool good food, dress up nicely, renovate your home, play games and focus on your abilities. In conclusion, try live your life at fullest.

7. Finally- Let it go and forgive that person

The best way is to let it go, have your heart big and forgive that person. Above all, forgive for not having a special like you, forgive for losing the best in the world as you. And say yourself, better is coming to you.

We are sure, these tricks will help you. So now you know, how to forget your past love, how can we forget someone, how to forget someone you like, how can I forget my love. Well, all answers to these questions have listed above. Zip-Zap-Zoom, now you know how to forget your love and start a new happy life. 


“Not the power to remember, but its very opposite, the power to forget, is a necessary condition for our existence.”
― Sholem Asch


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