How to Save Water in Daily Life?

How to save water in daily life

Have you ever asked yourself how to save water in daily life or how we can save water in our daily life? Have ever read any save water topic in your school? Water forms the basis of existence on planet earth. And we know water is essential to sustain life on earth. Whole existence of life is dependent on water.

Everyone in today’s world says-

“ Save water, save the world”

Because in coming years, water can be a reason for many health diseases. If we don’t talk on the medical grounds, Better to say if water finishes, existence of life is not possible. Water conservation is simple. If you will save water now by yourself then your upcoming generation will not face the problem of water. Therefore, we will say-

“Every drop of water is important”

Do you know only 2% of water is clean on earth which is stored in glaciers and ice caps and 97.7% of water is salty water that cannot be used? Therefore, this is the main reason to conserve water. Other reasons for saving water are- if you will not save them you cannot grow food, help protect wildlife and ecosystem and using less water lead to saving more money.

We can save water by number of ways. We can indeed save water at our home by ourselves daily. Let’s make a practice and let others follow you as well. Follow these activities to save water in daily life.

1.Turn off water taps when not in use

When you are brushing your teeth, during shaving, during washing vegetables in running water etc..turn off water taps. It’s the easiest step which you can do in your daily life. As water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet, saving one drop today can save one life tomorrow. By doing so, you can save 4 gallons of water per minute.

2. Showers

When it comes to taking a bath, we all love to take bath under showers because it’s more relaxing but have you ever thought about how much water you waste daily in a shower because most of the droplets of water don’t even fall on you during bath. Therefore, try to minimize shower baths and go for a bucket bath twice or thrice a week.

3. Turn off water tap or shower tap while applying shampoo

When you are applying shampoo or body wash do turn off your tap. It will help save water daily a lot. It will help preserve water at your home. It may save water up to 1500 gallons each month. Trust me or not, this may sound silly, but during shampoo many of us keep water tap running, so as soon we finish shampooing, we can wash our head. But during the gap we already have wasted so much water.

4. Fix the Leaks

A study estimates we can waste upto 2500 Gallons of water a year with leaks and cracks inside or bathroom or kitchen. Isn’t a huge amount? We should repair these leaks on regular basis. These in turn can damage our walls and inside infrastructure of home, so wither way it is not good.

5. Avoid Wasting during Washing Vehicle

This is one of very common way we waste water, generally we take a pipe or bucket with water running and refilling again and keep puring on our vehicle while keep rubbing it with some washing pads.

Instead we can utilize water less washing as well, try and check out if available in your location! At home, use soap water from washing. Instead of bucket and pipe use a nozzle spray to minimize wastage and better results.

6. Low flush Toilets

Now a days people and moving towards dual flush or low flush toilets. These helps in saving water at some limit. Flushing huge amount of water when not require is a wastage, and we can save it by installing low flush or dual flush toilets.

7. Check Water Wastage during Gardening

The best way during watering you garden is to give water to plants only and this is possible by using gardening cans or any utensils that can pour water to plants. By using pipes and buckets we may end us wasting water by splitting on plant-less surfaces.

8. Wash Your Pets Outside

Instead washing your pets inside , lets make a practice to wash them during gardening, so that we divide water in certain quantity to be able to utilize perfectly for plants as well as pets without wasting. How was that! Save the water matters.

9. Re-use AC drain water

During summer we see our AC draining water which simply goes as wastage. Why not using that water for gardens, washing vehicles or other household work wherever possible.

10. Decorative Fountains and Waterfalls

We may have some garden décor that utilizes water on regular basis like a small waterfall or fountain. We must minimize its usage or stop it, since they can waste thousands of liters of water yearly.

11. Start doing Rainwater Harvesting

Have you ever heard and learned the process of rainwater harvesting in your school and how it helps save water? It is done when it’s raining in your area and you save water from the top of your house to an underground tank. The water is filtered during the process and can be used in future. 


These were some of the easy ways which can help you do save water in your daily life. There are some more ways through which you can save water daily:-

  • Recycle water
  • Cover swimming pools instead of refilling
  • During washing utensils or dishes, fill the sink with water full then wash

So now you know how you can save water daily and what steps you can follow to save water. Don’t waste your time anymore and start saving water from the very next moment for a good and decent future.

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 Finally spread the word ! Let people know about this. Your every share on social media counts in saving every droplets of water. Ask yourself what you can do to save water today !


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