8 Easy and Effective Ways To Earn money from YouTube

8 Easy and Effective Ways To Earn money from YouTube

Do you know YouTube can be a good source of earning?

Updated with 2018 new policies

Earning from YouTube is easy. You can create your own channel and keep posting your videos.

Let is reach to a certain milestone for number of subscribers and viewers, monetize it, run ads and earn money from YouTube. That’s it, so simple. Right?

Well not so easy, but not that tough too. It all depends upon your content, geography, audience target etc.

Before we proceed to know aspects of earn money from YouTube, I would like you to be aware of policy change for YouTube from January 2018.

As I have said before, internet is full of choices but knowledge is important.

Monetization Policies of YouTube as of Jan 2018

Remember monetization enabling criteria for YouTube? Yes correct, Views & Subscribers. Now there is change in this criteria, which may be going to affect any new channel on YouTube.

Now the new monetization enabling criteria is watch time. Sounds so odd, right? Let me explain this.

Suppose you have a channel and you need to enable monetization on it. So to enable monetization on your channel, requirement is 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers minimum.

This is absolutely seems like a big milestone, isn’t it? Yes it is. But let me break down this policy into a simple mathematical logic and then let me know how does it looks like.

Suppose you have a video of 10mins. Then let’s see how does it goes with 4000 hours of watch time.

One– When video watched fully

Suppose video is watched fully for 10mins. So to reach 4000 hours of watch time it needs 24,000 views (60/10 * 4000).

TwoWhen video watched half

Now in this case suppose your video is watched half which is 5mins. Then views on video needs to be 48,000 (60/5 * 4000).

Now how that sounded to you? Well, not as tough as it was seems to be on paper. Correct?

And we know we are going to reach that milestone.

Similarly we need 1000 subscribers’ minimum.

The other important thing I want to mention is that -you will be able to transfer your YouTube earning to your bank account when you have earned $100 minimum in your AdSense account.

According to a report , There are many Indian Youtubers who are earning millions, few of them are:

BB Ki Vines – Daily views more than 2 millions and earning 20+ lacks per month

Sandeep Maheswari – Daily views more than half millions and earning more than 16 lacks per month

Nisha Madhulika – Daily views more than a million and earning more than 15 lacks per month

Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary) – Daily views more than half millions and earning more than 12 lacks per month

All India Bakchod – Daily views more than 6 lacks and earning more than 12 lacks.

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How to earn money from YouTube?

Trust me there are many ways to earn money from YouTube, I am going to tell you 8 proven methods of earning money online from YouTube.

So are you ready to start earning online from YouTube now? Let’s begin then.

1.YouTube Ads

We watch videos on YouTube and also sometimes we watch ads connected with that video, what happens when someone watches ads along with the original video?

Correct, the owner of the channel earns. But how? From where YouTube pays to the channel?

Answer is Ad-sense, yes YouTube earns money from Ad-sense. Ad-sense is an advertising company which pays YouTube for showing ads on Videos.

So YouTube earns from Ad-sense and you earn from YouTube. Here is share of advertisement money YouTube gets:

Advertisement money (100%) = YouTube share (15%) and your share (85%)

So make a YouTube channel and post your videos. You can also make videos according to your interest.

If you want to educate people about something, make video and post it on YouTube. You can make videos on variety of topics or niche like cooking, travelling, information based etc.

Represent your videos well, let it reached to a certain milestone as I said above for views and subscribers. Enable monetizing on your YouTue channel or videos. Run Ads on your Videos.

So every time someone watches your  videos along with ads you earn.

2.Affiliate Marketing

You can create a YouTube video promoting any product that you want to sell and upload it on your channel.

Yes, enroll with some affiliate marketing programs with Amazon, flipkart, makemytrip etc. Upload some videos giving reviews of product or promote product in a best way.

Whenever people buy that product from your provided affiliate link you get some fix commission.

Whenever you give any review of product remember it to be your personal experience or a real experience with someone you know closely.

Trust me you have to be honest in your review, let people know the natural review of that product. Provide some real good and positive reviews.

Win confidence of your YouTube audiences and drive them to purchase that product from your provided affiliate link on you YouTube video.

There are also other methods of promoting the product. Show your audience how popular the product is and by using it we are going to get tons of help in our daily life.

Cool, right? Yes it is, people are earning lot of money from affiliate marketing. So why can’t we try. Let’s earn now.

3.Drive traffic to a site

This is another good way to earn money from YouTube videos. Suppose you run an online store or having a blog. You can create a video promoting some product of your online store and drive people to your website.

Similarly, with your blog site, you can create a video explaining about the content of your blog.

Let people know about your blog and invite them to your site to know more. When traffic start coming to your site you can earn through many ways like Ads click, affiliate marking, sponsors etc.

4.Earn money from Youtube by Sponsored Videos

Now you have a YouTube channel and good number of subscribers. Your videos gets good views. Chances are likely you may get some sponsor deal depending upon your YouTube video content creation.

Any advertising agency or a company can approach you asking you to promote their product with your video.

It can be a deal for an entire video or anywhere a short segment in your video. Sponsored video is useful to target audience making them know about a company and product they sell, also for some new offers company is providing.

Sponsored videos are useful for a small startup companies as well as for a establish company. And trust me they pay well for sponsored video.

5.Sell your own product

You own some product like t-shirts, digital products or other merchandise, you have your online store or you are selling it on amazon, flipkart or any other platform.

Make a YouTube video promoting your product, give some reviews, tell some stories of your product creation, tell how competitive this product is in market, tell about offers on your product, let people know your product and convince them to buy your product.

Get some traffic to your online store from your video, let people view all of your product and get your sale increase.

6.Provide service and earn

You are good at web designing or software development or editing videos. Make some videos showing your talent. Let people know how best you are with your expertise.

Chances of earning is when you are hired for any client or company for providing your services by watching your talent in your YouTube video.

You can also let any of your established or new client watch your video and get you offer for a new project applied in a different platform.

7.Emails lists

Suppose you made a video on a certain topic or some great content. Your YouTube video is liked by many viewers and your subscribers.

You have invited people to get in touch with you via emails to let them know great knowledge you have on the topic that will help them in many ways, you can set some examples as well.

Many of your viewers will get in touch with you with their email addresses. Soon you can have lists of email address.

You can use them letting people know about your services or about a product that you own or your affiliate marketing product. As list grows try to generate some leads for your services and earn money from it.

8.Earn from YouTube Superchat

Now this is another interesting feature that can earn money from YouTube. It works basically on Live stream with live chat.

Check your Superchat eligibility in your YouTube channel and Signup for superchat once you are eligible.

Earn money from YouTube Superchat

Suppose you are very famous with your YouTube channel and now you are streaming live somewhere, may be think of letting people see live streaming of a performance.

When you do a live streaming and suparchat is enabled on your channel people may start to send some messages with that live streaming.

Now there can be some people or media or company that wants their message to hold for some time between lots of other messages. So they can pay for it. Messages are hold for some duration depending upon how much amount people pays.

Superchat money share is distributed between YouTube and YouTube channel owner.


Now I want you to take action, convert your passion for video creation on YouTube into a financial success. I am not saying it is very easy to earn money from YouTube but if we don’t try we will never be able to know our limit. Let’s try to convert our passion into income.

I have mentioned 8 proven methods by which we can earn money from YouTube. Let me know if they are useful to you in any ways ? Also please add any other method in comment section if I have missed out any.

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