Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

This is what I think you are….

1.You are self employed

2.You have your clients

3.You have your projects

4.You have freedom to work from anywhere

5.You are your own boss

6.You can choose what to work and with whom

7.You have freedom to work anytime you wish

8.You have freedom to decide your rate of work

….If you work as Freelancer.

Do you know you can earn full time as a Freelancer in India ?

Easy Guide to Earn Money Online as Freelancer in India

Last night I was applying for some jobs and was providing my estimation in which I will be able to finish the work. I was also answering some questions needed to fill out with those Jobs. With some mixed views I went to bed for sleep.

In morning when I wake up I thought of checking my e-mails, I opened my laptop and logged in to my mail.

“Ok we hire you on your estimated budget, here are full details of the work you need to complete, reach to me for any query.”

That’s it ! Yes, I got work and going to earn my estimated budget now which I proposed for this work.

This was me who earned money online without investment as a freelancer in India.

You can also earn a lot by working as a freelancer in India, if I can earn why can’t you? I am going to walk you through with the freelancer way of earning money.

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and it can be associated with a particular employer for long term or it can be for short term depending upon work.

There is no problem working in short term with many clients, or long term with one client with full time.

If you are given an option which one you will select? If you ask me I will select short term jobs with different clients or same clients. This will give me opportunity to learn different works or projects in a short time and I can possibly see myself growing in experience and money very shortly.

Suppose you have knowledge and you know how to design a website, you went for the job and proposed yourself as a perfect freelancer for the job. Client sees your response along with others, he filter with the desired profile and invite you for discussion. As client finds you suitable, you are hired! That is how it goes.

You can become freelancer in India on any of your core knowledge, like software developer, web design, network engineer, human resource, writing, consultation, translation etc.

Now you must be thinking where I should apply job and who will hire me, correct?

There are many online websites or workspace where we can get freelancer jobs and you can become a Freelancer in India.

I am going to list out some freelancing website I am best aware of:

  1. Upwork
  2. People per hour
  3. Simply hired
  4. Fiverr
  5. Guru
  6. Toptal

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Freelancing work can be started at anytime. I want to divide mainly two categories depending upon level of beginning.

1.Starting from scratch

This level of beginning I call it define yourself, know your capabilities and your interest.

At this time you identify your capabilities with your interest. Suppose you are good in writing articles and content and this is your interest area too. You then choose to work in writing area.

So even for students it can work. There are many jobs that do not need to an expertise technical knowledge, like writing, resume making, completing someone’ literature or English project, Advising product name or startup name depending upon nature of content etc.

So what is your area of interest and in what field you want to start your freelancing journey?

If you ask me same question at this time of this article, my answer is Writing. I can write for myself as well as for someone else. Everyone has their personal style of writing that is been liked by a particular audiences and so do I have my style of writing. This is also my area of interest.

2.Starting at a level of experience

At this level you will be having some experience already in your core area. You can be having knowledge on Network fields, Software development, web design, Software testing, Recruitment etc..

It doesn’t mean you need to be at expert level. There are some jobs that requires a person to be at beginner level while there are some jobs that demands an expert level person. Likewise earnings from these jobs also differ.

So if I ask you at your level of experience what will be your area for freelancing job?

My answer is cisco networking, I have intermediate knowledge of cisco networking and I can work as a freelancer in this area.

Becoming a freelancer will not going to get you jobs immediately, well it depends upon your luck too. You have to make a good profile of yourself and represent yourself well on the freelancer websites.

I am going to give you some ideas on freelancer profiles and the job applications when we apply for a job. And remember when you complete a job always ask client to give you ratings, this will help you to grow faster.

Upwork. I have been a freelancer on Upwork and have earned money doing many jobs.

Making a good profile on upwork

Before I start to explain why it is important to have a good freelancer profile, see below and let me know. What you think?

Making a good profile on upwork as Freelancer in India

Above profile completely failing to explain the key factors of a freelancer candidate’s core knowledge. When you apply for any job, employer might see your profile for your experience and core knowledge and that is where we can lose the opportunity for not being in the queue of getting Job.

So start with your core topic, the area which you work. Like for a subject writer, core can be – Content Writer (and can add-on Blog writer, guest writer etc..)

Then explain your writing skills and define precisely your area of writing.

You can later add some of your reputed writings that you have written in past or you can provide link to your writing if it on internet.

We can also add some of our personal skills like Passionate writer, hard worker or a good work track record.

You can also upload a video introducing yourself with your profile.

Decide your hourly rate and fix rate

This is something you need to decide for per hour rate payment that you will receive while doing a job.

There are Jobs for which you will be paid when job is fully complete (called as Fixed rate job) and there are jobs which demands per hour payment.

You can decide your per hour rate low in beginning but increase per hour rate as you grow with experience.

Applying a Job

When you apply for any job as a Freelancer in India on upwork, check details of Job, check if it is hourly job, you can check about the clients also.

When you are good to go, then apply for job with your estimated budget that you want to receive for completing the job. Draft a good cover letter and send it.

You can see below a job reference and details.

Applying a Job on upwork as Freelancer in India

Understating Job requirement

This is very important part of the Job. It applies before you apply for the freelancer Job and also when you have a Job in your hand.

Try to understand requirements of a Job. Talk to client and develop understanding about job delivery.

It is very important to have a good communication between you and your client over a job. Try to complete Job as per expectations.

Completed Job? Take feedback and ratings

This is again very important part of your Job. Feedback and ratings can give you an opportunity to grow as a freelancer and you can see more values to your profile.

When you apply for a new job, client can visit your profile and see your historical ratings which you have worked in past and this can help you to bag new work very easily.

See below picture, a client has rated me with feedback-

client feedback on upwork when working as Freelancer in India

This was a fixed price project based on a very little networking knowledge which I was able to finish successfully in 2013.

See below –

contract change on upwork as Freelancer in India

Ratings and feedback on your work is very important. Based on my historical ratings I was able to get some more work.

I am going to summarize key point for Freelancing work.

  • Know your core area for work
  • Choose freelancing website, like upwork or the one from the list I provided above
  • Signup as a new freelancer
  • Create your profile and fill all details
  • Decide per hour rate with profile
  • Search Job and see job description carefully
  • Apply for Job with a good cover letter
  • Wait for client response
  • Meanwhile keep applying for new Jobs
  • Never lose patience and your hopes
  • Earn money as as Freelancer in India or from anywhere

You can decide you’re per hour rate low in beginning but keep increasing with your experience.

Below is a graph illustration showing Work Vs Pay, as your work increases your payment also increases. So if you are starting at low, you will be rate yourself high as soon as you will get more work. This is very simple, it actually happens in most of cases.

Work Vs Pay as Freelancer in India

Freelancing gives you great platform for earning online with freedom of work. Some small startups also hire freelancer to get their work done.

If you have a company or a small startup and you need some hands to assist you in your work, you can hire some freelancer to get your work done.

Call to Action!

Now it’s your time to take action. As I said before internet is full of choices but knowledge is important.To become a successful as Freelancer in India you need to focus on some basic things.

Trust me earning from freelancing job is not very tough.It is not actually restricted to any location but you can earn from anywhere.

Let me know if I can be your any help in your freelancing journey.

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