14 Great and Simple Ways on How to Save Money When Travelling

How to save money when travelling

Do you know these saving hacks will add you another vacation plan from your same travel budget?

How to save money when travelling should be probably the most common question when we are planning to travel or already travelling.

Who don’t like to travel to a beautiful destination, in fact we all love travelling. I always start to choose my travelling destination almost 3 to 4 months earlier.

Few of us want to get away from life’s daily busy routine and travel to a peaceful destination. While some of us travel with a vacation plan each year.

Travelling and creating some beautiful memories are one of our best times in our life.

But some of these travels also costs us too much on our budget. Be it mode of transport for travelling, stay in hotel when traveling, shopping etc..

But question is how to save money when travelling or when making a vacation plan?

I always say saving money is earning money. So when you are earning money from your saving, think you are making another vacation plan from your travel budget, isn’t it great?

There are some proven ways to save money when travelling and this will give you answer to your question for how to save money when travelling. Let’s begin.

1.Plan Free days for travelling

Yes this is very important tip to save money when travelling. Remember when last time you noticed airfare when it was a holiday, be it for any festival or weekend?

Absolutely, so plan your travelling in weekdays and with no festival or national holiday. You may find some of great discounts also when travelling in these free days.

It is possible airfare and other mode of transport to be cheaper in free days as compare to any holiday. And possibly hotel room prices too.

2.Book Your Tickets in Advance

If you do not have any urgent requirement, then this is best tip to save money on travelling.

The dynamic fare keep on increasing while travel day comes nearer. Not only airfare but now a days you see dynamic fare for trains keeps increasing too on selected trains and routes.

Booking ticket in advance is not only applicable to travel tickets but on hotels too. We should be getting good price of a hotel room when booked in advance.

3.Buy tickets directly from website

Once you decided for a flight with a rate by surfing on internet, you must visit airline website directly too. This may give you some chance of cutting down some extra charges.

Plus you may find some discount depending upon any scheme airline running with.

4.Off-season can be a jackpot

Off-season can be a best answer to someone who is curious to know How to save money when travelling, yes and that is true. Off-season can give you best prices and services you may not get in peak season.

I know for some of destination, peak season is best to visit, but try exploring same destination in offseason for some best prices on hotels, local markets, local activities and travelling.

I visited one of hill station in winter and hotel prices with best of category rooms were half the prices than it used to be in summer season. The other best part was crowd. Yes your destination is not flooded with tourist and it can be a best time for you to visit the place.

5.Book Hotel rooms directly from hotel on a call

What if talking and asking for a cheap price from hotel directly can get you some prize?

Well, it happened to me most of time. When I finish deciding hotel on any of these sites makemytrip.com , yatra.com or trivago.com. Then I call to hotel directly and ask for a negotiation.

Possibility is you may get some good deal from hotel directly. And will be able to save some money. You can also ask them to send you link for advance booking payment online.

6.1+1 night free offers

1+1 night free offers

Source: goibibo.com

So I believe you might have heard or seen this offer now and then at many travel related websites like makemytrip.com , yatra.com or trivago.com or tripadvisor or from hotel directly.

So why not stay for 2 nights rather than 1 night and just pay for 1 night. It is a good deal actually.

Always try searching this deal when you plan to travel.

7.Check expenses for Hotel room

When we are at our destination the time when we spent in our hotel room is for rest of sleep.

So it means we are paying to hotel for sleep, right?

Throughout the day we are busy at outside activities or exploring places. So this is one of very cost saving tip for your hotel room. Try to go for normal or regular room rather than deluxe or upper category.

8.Eat outside your Hotel restaurant

Breakfast included can be a good deal but do not go for lunch or dinner offers at restaurants like today’ specialties.

Better eat outside for some authentic food for the city. Restaurant prices will not satisfy your meal portion and taste many times and it you may feel like you paid extra what you got.

9.Save on Shopping

If you are shopping lover and have plan to buy local items related to certain city, the best saving tip is to buy from local markets.

Yes why to buy from Tourist Street or main market where you have to pay double the price, instead go for local market for best prices and also experience local foods and specialties.

10.Avail all Free Stuffs as possible

Do your hotel having free laundry service, free WiFi and free calling facility? Why not to use it and save some of your phone data and plan.

Yes try to use most of free services wherever you go.

11.Use Concession as Applicable

Use Concession as ApplicableThis is one of best thing sometimes we forget. Try to use Age concession. You must have known about Senior citizen concession, student concession and others.

Using age concession wherever possible, And it can get you discounts up to 50% or more which is absolutely a great deal, isn’t it?

12.Look for Hot deal releases from Hotels and Airlines

Look for Hot deal releases from Hotels and Airlines

Source: Yatra.com

Join your favorite airline newsletter, follow it on social media like Facebook and twitter so that you don’t miss any new offer release, promo codes and last minute deals.

These offers and promo codes can get you best deals and you will be able to save lot of money on travelling.

You can also signup for your favorite travel agency newsletter to be aware of such deals.

13. Use Credit card rewards

Use Credit card rewards

Check your credit card program and benefits, See if it allows to use your earned points for any flyer program or hotel stay deals.

Use maximum benefits of your credit card program.

14.Bargain wherever possible

Well, this is going to work on almost all tourist places. Try always bargain for the shopping item or activity you are going to do.

We were able to bargain almost 50% of price for boating in a lake. Also at one of hill station Bargain worked for winter suits and boots when going for snow activity.Hitting bulls eye for how to save money travelling in one of great ways.

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So answer for How to save money when travelling is all above. The next time when you make vacation plan and or travelling make sure you follow these great saving hacks and you will notice you can double your vacation in the year.

Please fill me in comments if I have missed any great saving tips.