7 Great Ways to Save Money When Moving Into New Home

7 Great Ways to Save Money When Moving Into New Home

Do you know many times we ignore these great saving hacks when moving to new home?

You are ready to moving into new home and trust me this is very cumbersome task to do.

You have plenty of things that needs to be shifted from your old home to new home.

Major parts include furniture, electronic items like Television, fridge, ACs, kitchen accessories, vehicles etc. Moving into new home is not only hectic job but also expensive.

We want our all belongings to be transported or reached to our new home without any hurdles and in good shape.

After buying my new home I was finally moved in to it recently. This was my third and final movement from an old home to new home.

There are many great tips and saving hacks I used while moving into new home which saved me plenty of money. Some of them I learnt from my experiences.

Your Decision and Planning are the two most important ingredient that can get you help in saving your money for this.

I am going to share some of great and proven ways for saving money while you move in to your new home.

1.Your free boxes

7 Great Ways to Save Money When Moving Into New Home

Absolutely this is something you can save your money with as well as keep your accessories in good shape.

I did not throw my original boxes for refrigerator, fridge, ACs etc. till I moved to my permanent home. These boxes were good enough to keep my accessories in good shape.

They were having extra safety guards as well. I used my original boxes.

Some of boxes I was able to get from my relatives and neighbors. So I was able to use it for packing my most of kitchen accessories. In addition we can also check with some local shops near us if they have free unused boxes.

You need not to buy bubble wrap or any extra guards, just use hand towels, bath towels, newspapers, old cloths and old papers to spread around fragile items to keep it safe when packing.

Remember to label your each boxes, this will help you to shift boxes at correct location in your home where it needs to be unpacked. Use some labels like fragile items and handle with care, you can also label as up/down label as per packing.

Also make a label as kitchen accessories or photo frames or whatever you have packed inside the box so as to identify what is inside the box without open it while it is transported to your new home.

While negotiating with packers and movers you can negotiate on boxes and save some extra money.

2.Get rid of unwanted furniture and accessories

7 Great Ways to Save Money When Moving Into New Home

There can be many old accessories which you do not want to take with you to while you are moving into new home. In the same respect you might have planned for new furniture for your new home.

Make a plan and checklist, see what is required to be shifted to your new home. Get rid of unwanted furniture and accessories to save some money on your transportation. Sell them out or donate them if not able to negotiate any price for old accessories.

Put your ads for selling your accessories and furniture on Quikr. I was able to sell my wooden bed within one day by using Quikr. Use social network as well like Facebook, WhatsApp groups, also ask with your colleagues and neighbors if they are interested they can negotiate a reasonable price.

3.Move some items yourself

Moving some items yourself can save you some money especially when you are moving within city.

Take help from your friends and relatives. You can have then two or three cars which can help you to transport small and medium packaged boxes with you to your new home.

The idea is to bargain a good deal with your packer and mover in terms of number of belongings to transport to new home. Try it, it’s a worth saving hack.

4.Plan your packers and movers company

7 Great Ways to Save Money When Moving Into New Home

This is very important phase when you choose packer and mover for transporting your belongings. Choosing a reliable packer and mover is really important.

You can take recommendations from your family and friends if they have used any packer and mover and get it straight with the reviews and ideas. Otherwise research is not a bad way to find a good packer and mover.

Start with a simple Google search, read reviews and shortlist according to your requirements.

Do take care of few things while deciding to choose packer and mover like packing material quality, knowledge and feedback of packer and mover, their responses to your queries and additional protection in terms of insurance.

5.Insurance coverage as an additional protection

Insurance is offered as an additional protection on your transport items by a good packer and mover.

Always ask if they have option for insurance. I know you must be thinking it will add up a little to your budget. But at the same time we also want our valuable belongings to be safe and claims to be made in case of any damage.

But I will suggest not to take insurance for each and every item and each box.

When I was moving into new home I decided to take insurance on some selected items only like Fridge,TV,Sofa, ACs etc.

I did not count insurance on all boxes. Thus I was able to save some money while providing some extra coverage to my selected items.

6.Rituals on moving into new home

This is off-course a personal choice, depending upon our planning we do some rituals when moving into new home.

We plan multiple Puja and offer lunch or dinner to our guests. Depending upon budget we try to make this celebration grand.

When I was moving to my new home I decided to do rituals, only related to new home and decided to invite only my very close relative.

Off-course I invited more of my relatives and friends to my new home but I clubbed another function with it.

I decided to celebrate my daughter’s birthday along with celebration of moving into new home. Birthday was falling after one month from the day we were moving to new home.

It turned out to be a wise decision and a cost saving. We spend money on a function that comprises of two celebrations.

7.Your meal of the day

We had the time when our packer and mover arrived early in morning before we plan for breakfast and lunch at the day of moving into new home.

It definitely costs us some extra money for which we were not planned. With my experiences I will advise to plan your meal for the day in advance. Remember saving money is also earning money in other way.

Call to Action!

Now you know some of great saving hacks which can save your money while moving into new home. Remember Decision and Planning are the two most important things for you success.

Let me know in comments if you have some more great ways for saving money while moving into new home.

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