How a Working Wife can Help to Manage Finance Better


Do you know! A working wife can bring some magical touch to your financial goals

How a Working Wife can help to Manage Finance better

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Believe me or not she can help in household expenditures thereby making a better financial condition around the family.

You are now having extra income for saving, investing and planning future financial goals. I feel myself in a better financial position as my wife is working and she takes care of equal proportion of expenditure thus giving us a large room for our financial goals.

There are some real life experience which I am going to share with you and trust me every experience is not less than anything magical.


How a Working Wife can help to manage finance better


1.She is Your Hidden Angel that can Turn Your Dreams True

It was time when we planned our first Car. I always wanted to have one of best Car in my budget with the Top Variant in segment. But with the Budget I was falling little sort of half of the amount, so initially I decided to go with top 3rd Variant from basic and not the highest one.

When my wife came to know about my desire, she did not wanted me to turn down my choice or I should better say Happiness. She helped me financially to buy Top Variant model of one of best Car in segment, which alone for me was not possible considering household expenditures as well.


2.Working Wife Can Help You with Some of Bigger Financial Decisions

We were looking to buy our sweet home and we were sorting our options, such as 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, Individual house, managed Villa projects etc.

Buying a house is a very big decision and there are many hidden expenditures apart from front payment and installments.

If my wife would have not supported me financially we might have not able to do this huge investment above than multistory 2 or 3 BHK apartment. We went for individual house and trust me it is not possible for an average earning single family member to do such a big expenditure and see dreams coming true into reality.


3.Valuable and Useful Suggestions When Comes to Future Financial Investment

A working wife will be having little to more knowledge on investments. Together with discussion we can agree on some future investments which suits us best and will be fulfilling our goals later in future.

The front payments and installments thus can be better planned and to be divided between two. With two earning family member deciding a common financial goal is easily and manageable without hampering daily or monthly basic expenditures.


4.A Better Home And Family Budget

When you have two family members earning, expenditures are likely to be divided. Like a working wife can takes care of children school fees, maid and other small expenditures like phone bills etc.

While husband can let his salary into EMIs, other financial installments, future investments and occasional shopping.

In this way a better budget can be carried out with both of earning members contributing and sharing financial loads.


5.Better Day to Day Family Management

A Working wife understand better needs of a family. She understand with changing time what is best for family members.

She takes equal responsibility in managing day to day family needs and budget, weather it is paying bills, pickup children from school, daily expenditures, monthly budget planning etc.


6.Working Wife is Updated and Confident Partner

Since you have a working wife so she should be more confident on many things and must be much updated about the outside world. She should be able to present herself in better way and can carry herself with a better personality.

She should be able to understand her partner in better ways in terms of stress and daily profession work. She understand late and odd time working and support you in better ways. In short you can say a modern wife who manage things better.

Likewise understanding Finance is also no different, she will be able to understand and contribute for a health financial conditions for family.


So what we Know Now !

I am sure there are no doubt left for comparing housewives vs working wives or you can better say housewife vs working women anymore. There are also some disadvantages of working women but there are also housewife problems we must need to understand them.

 Above are some of wonderful experience I feel from my life, list may grow more and more. But I want your support to let me know what better experience you feel and think a working life partner can contribute?

Please comment and let me know so that I can add to the above list.


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